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Matteo Dogliotti
325 Queensbridge Road
Hackney, E8 3AP London
Phome: (+44) 7473 368293
Skype: Doglio87
Linkedin: Matteo Dogliotti
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My Latest Works

Rigging ShowReel 2015

Reel Breakdown

Mechanical rig personal project

A new interpretation of the old tale that we all know.

Lycamobile wanted to introduce the new 4G speed through a modern version of the famous race between the Hare and Tortoise. Full CGI broadcast advert that the Nucco Brain team put together for Lycamobile.

Spot in FullCG realized in ten days for For this work I took care of the character setup and props model.

I used a system of 4 ribbon for the arms, so that they move independently with no human form. With the increase of the movements, George breathed more heavily, thanks to a breathing system based on mathematical equations. The various facial expressions have been developed through blandshape and then mixed with appropriate controls.

All props model have the possibility to move and animate automatically based on time

Facial rig developed in CGWorkshop Online – Character Facial Rigging with Judd Simantov, the same technique I then used in a variety of other work done. All the bones are Skinned at geometry and moves through per set driven key. Many corrective blend shape improves the result.

Shot of a short film that has yet to be presented, I worked on the rig hands, trying to make them as realistic as possible, adding the tendons and muscles whit corrective blend shape and extra joint

Short film developed during the red period. I was in charge of the rig of the character of the dynamics of the flaps of his cap and some parts of the cape.

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